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Washington Nationals 2011-2013 Stadium Open & Stadium Graphics

EP*Vision was asked to create a graphic, high energy open for the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.
I worked on tracking, 2D animation, 3D animation, and design. In 2013 I was asked to be the lead animator on the project.
Creative Director: Maryam Parwana
EP: Michelle Cuccuini Hicks
Director / Live Action: David Weinstein, Stash Slionski
Producer: John Zurhellen (2011) Peter Stanik (2012), Niabi Caldwell (2013)
Lead Design & Animation: Mark Gerald Soto(2012), Brian Walsh (2013)
Design & Animations: Brian Walsh, Lessa Millet, Hon Joon
Editor: Marcus Land (2012),
Keying: Russell Porchia (2012)
Sound: Tim Korn
Sound Design: Sussex Music House (2013)